List of artworks by artist Mohammad Shahbazi (محمد شهبازی)

Mohammad Shahbazi

•    1967 – Tehran
•    Masters: Hasan Habibi, Akbar Sa’atchi, Reza Banirazi, Gholahossein Amirkhani, Mohammad Ehsaee, Abbas Akhavein, Ali Abrisham kar Esfahani
•    Holder of first degree art certificate
•    Member of Policy Council for Department of Art in Ministry of Education Research and Planning Organization
•    Prizewinner in many national and international festivals including: IRCICICA in Turkey, Fadjr, Islamic world calligraphy, etc.
•    Publication: An introduction to Nastaʿlīq teaching
•    Held many individual and group exhibitions both in Iran and abroad

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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