List of artworks by artist Esfandiar Satarpour (اسفندیار ستارپور)

Esfandiar Satarpour

• 1964 – Bandar Anzali
• Member of Institute for Promotion of Visual Art
• Holder of First Degree Art Certificate
• Prizewinner in several festivals, like Qadir international calligraphy festival, Mir Emad Al-Hasani Qazvin, and Praised in festivals like Islamic World calligraphy festival, IRCICA Turkey, etc.
• Judged of Calligraphy festivals, like Basij Visual Art and Karime Ahle Beyt
• Published “Jaame Giti Nama” selected -art collection
• Held individual and group exhibition both in Iran and abroad

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items
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