List of artworks by artist Mohammadreza Khodaveisi (محمدرضا خداویسی)

Mohammadreza Khodaveisi

•    Qorveh  - 1953
•    Masters: Hosseini pour, Keikhosro Khoroosh, Yadollah Kaboli
•    Calligrapher of several books including: Rubâ'iyât of Omar Khayyâm, Divan of Hafez, Ghazaliat e Saib Tabrizi, Rubâ'iyât of Babataher
•    Held many individual and group exhibitions
•    Prizewinner in many festivals including: Islamic world calligraphy, Fadjrm, Madrese eshgh, etc.

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Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items
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