The Passing of Life


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فروخته شد (SOLD)

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Artwork Information
Calligraphy ArtistYousof Kalejahi
Created in2017
Size with Paspartu50 x 35
Calligraphy TypeShikaste-Nastaliq
Writing StylePiece
Has a COAYes
Verified Price by Art ExpertYes
Artwork Content

Hafiz verses are among the most gnostic Persian poetry which deeply involve mind and spirit. In sonnet number 268, a hemistich of which is used in the artwork, he says:


On the marge of the passing stream, sit and see the passing of life, behold

For this example of the passing world is for us enough


In this verse, Hafiz tells us to go along the river and see that your life is fast-moving and flying. If we think about this fact, we will appreciate every moments of life. Considering the passage of life as the flow of the water, is a wise piece of advice – It’s enough to wake us up. When we wake up, we just discover that not only water and life, but all the components of existence, are passing without stopping.


The Divan of Hafiz consists of almost 500 sonnets, odes, two Masnavis and some quatrains which has been published over 400 times in different forms, in Persian and other languages.

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