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Our Activities

Proudly, we undertake displaying, online supplying, and selling the art pieces of calligraphy masters. Our main activity at Artinno is to collectartworks in order to supply them to art lovers in the best way possible. We have gathered the best artworks, have written about them, have taken photos of them with the best quality, and have uploaded them on our online gallery to provide you with the best of the bunch. We are dedicated to present you any artwork that you desire.

Quality and Originality

What we offer has been created, confirmed, and priced by calligraphy masters. What Artinno makes available for you is not just a calligraphy art piece! We offer the trust originated from authenticity, the enjoyment originated from quality, and the content originated from what is written on the tableau. You will be sure that the work you own is of high quality, original, at a verified price, with accurate and valid Certificate of Authenticity.

Iran Calligraphes Association pays careful attention to artworks that are crafted by its members and scrutinizes their accuracy and authenticity. The working group responsible for this review in Iran Calligraphers Association announce the most accurate possible price for artworks after the valuation process. There is no better, more professional and relevant authority having the same level of qualifications for valuation.

Our Features

Artinno is the only official and legal provider and online seller of artworks of Iran Calligraphers Association. The scope of supplying the artworks is not only within the country, but also all over the world. Our attention is drawn to all of those who, we think, can be audiences of calligraphy. We are sympathetic with those whose hearts beat for Iranian culture and art.

We do not just value Iran's calligraphy and strive for its excellence, but also we will devote our time and energy to introduce the unique masters. We are not ignorant of the roots of this art, and we have set Persian literature and the aesthetics of Iranian-Islamic art as a criterion for our efforts. Introduction and description of this great art, which has come from many centuries, is our field of action and we believe that Iran's calligraphy is not just one written text, but also a collection of Iranian literature and art.


Iran Calligraphers Association is the oldest arts NGO in Iran with the age of nearly 70 years. By its establishment, calligraphy has entered a new era and a new chapter began in the history of Iranian calligraphy. Works by masters of this association have been and continue to be displayed in galleries, museums, and exhibitions around the world. Artinno as the exclusive online sellingrepresentative of Iran Calligraphy Association, has created an appropriate platform for providing access to calligraphy artworks by establishing a strong infrastructure.


In our opinion, every art lover is the audience and customer of Iranian calligraphy art. The truth is that everyone with perception of beauty cannot take eyes off this eye-catching art. Those who believe in the excellence of Iranian art and culture are our special audiences. Collectors and museums are among the most special fans of calligraphy art.

Calligraphy works are the best gift from art lovers; a gift from the heart of Iranian culture and art to those whom we love and respect for. When you choose a calligraphy tableau as a gift, you help enhance the art of calligraphy. Perhaps this part of your gift giving process will be more invaluable.

Hotels, restaurants, and cultural and recreation complexes will have more desirable environment for their customers when they display calligraphy art pieces.

We have special offers for organizations, private and public institutions, festivals, competitions and so on. Managers can count on calligraphy works as a valuable and memorable gift. In addition to its artistic and spiritual value, it is a gift whose financial value will increase and can be considered as capital for its owner.

Calligraphy tableau is one of the most special gifts that can be chosen by public and private organizations for their foreign guests or can be included in gift packages for foreign travelers.

Aesthetics of calligraphy is both impressive and sophisticated for tourists whose travel destination is Iran. They are also our special customers.

Sports federations can have a special look at calligraphy. Calligraphy tableaus can be among the best gifts, which are given to foreign opponents at the beginning of the sports competitions.


At Artinno, we have provided a platform for online sales and distribution, we adhere to the rules of e-commerce, and we have obtained all necessary licenses. Our trust support is Iran Calligraphers Association and its reputation. The original artwork we offer is the same as seen and ordered on our website. The artworks are delivered at the exact time we have promised in appropriate and stylish packages. If the delivered order did not satisfy you, we will be more than happy to bring it back. The artwork sent to you is insured and if something goes wrong, we take responsibility of your loss and compensate. Our work process is clear and trackable and we will do our best to avoid any ambiguity at all stages.

Certificate of Authenticity

Every art piece has a unique certificate. Iran Calligraphers Association reviews and confirms all the attributes and we are obligated to provide you with them as you order. This certificate includes the name of the master, the illuminator, production year, calligraphy style, paper type, dimensions, and so on. We have designed this CoA in a way that cannot be forged and have leveraged the latest anti-counterfeiting technologies.

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