Ordering Process

- For more details on the artworks, visit our website:

- Each artwork has a code with which you can get information about price and inventory by searching it in our website. On the website, you can see and review the artwork in more detail. We have provided you with valuable information for each artwork to help for a better selection and purchase.

- After selecting and obtaining details of the artworks, you can have orders by email or phone. Phone number: +98-21-22205263 Email:

- After receiving the total amount, we will deliver the order at the place you like.

- Personalized orders are taken in case any artwork is not available.

- After taking the order, we specify the delivery time and cost and then we issue the pro forma invoice.

- By paying 50% of the total cost of the order, the production process begins.

- As our commitment, we deliver your order at any given time and place.

- Receiving the remaining 50% is considered as the end of the ordering process, but it is also the beginning of our friendship and sympathy with supporters. We will keep in touch by writing about the borderless world of calligraphy. Now you are a professional audience of calligraphy for us.

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